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Standard Pneumatic Wheel – W036 (Air-filled)

$34.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Elevate Your Mobility with W036 Pneumatic Wheel


  • Dimension: 3.50-4 Pneumatic wheel
  • Weight Capacity: Each wheel holds up to 160KGs
Smooth Maneuverability Across Terrains: W036 Standard Pneumatic Wheel (Air-filled)

The W036 Standard Pneumatic Wheel is our default wheel option, providing a smooth and seamless maneuvering experience across various terrains. Its air-filled design ensures easy movement, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.



Note: While the W036 Pneumatic Wheel offers excellent performance in most conditions, it’s essential to be mindful of specific storage environments. Freezer rooms or refrigerated trucks are not suitable for pneumatic wheels. Extreme cold temperatures can cause the air inside the wheels to contract, potentially leading to reduced tyre pressure or even flat tyres.

For situations requiring consistent performance in cold environments, we recommend considering alternative wheel options like puncture-proof wheels. These wheels are designed to better withstand colder temperatures and offer reliable performance even in challenging conditions.


Choose the W036 Pneumatic Wheel for dependable mobility across terrains. Explore our high-quality wheels and enhance your transportation experience today.

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