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Puncture Proof Foam Filled Wheel – W008

$78.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Effortless Maneuverability: W008 Foam Filled Wheel’s Smooth Ride

This wheel combines the convenience of puncture proof with excellent shock absorption capabilities, making it ideal and smooth to use on rough surfaces when carrying heavy loads.


  • Dimension: 3.50-4 wheel- 2 piece powder coated steel rim, 5/8 inch flanged ball bearings
  • Each wheel holds up to 100KGs
  • Stud Pattern, better for all kinds of surfaces
Say Goodbye to Punctures and Pressure Checks!

Elevate Your Material Handling with the W008 Puncture Proof Foam Filled Wheel. With pneumatic wheels being more prone to punctures and loss of air pressure, the concept of filling tyres with micro cellular polyurethane (MCP) also known as memory foam, has become a very popular option.


  • Navigate with Confidence

Introducing the W008 Puncture Proof Foam Filled Wheel, a game-changer in wheel technology. Combining puncture-proof durability with shock absorption, this wheel delivers smooth transport even on rough terrain and under heavy loads.


  • Resilient and Reliable

Designed to perform exceptionally well on rugged surfaces, the W008 foam filled wheel offers resilience and stability. Its memory foam ensures quick recovery to its original shape after heavy use, maintaining consistent performance. Additionally, sharp object penetration won’t affect its function.



Note: Please note that leaving heavy items on the hand truck for an extended period of time may create a flat spot on the wheel, however the memory foam will recover to its original shape in a short amount time.

Please note that when the AT85 and AT86 models are equipped with this particular wheel and used in the flatbed (4-wheel) position, the maximum load capacity is 200KG.


Discover the W008 Puncture-Proof Foam-Filled Wheel. Contact us today to enhance your equipment’s performance.


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