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Spring Loaded Laundry Tub Trolley with Handle | Plastic Bin Trolley

Effortless Linen Mobility: Elevate Your Transport Experience!


Dimensions & Specifications
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    200L: 960 x 680 x 965mm
    340L: 1130 x 750 x 1000mm
    455L: 1470 x 750 x 1000mm
  • Castors: Grey non-marking anti-skid castors
    4 swivels, 2 with brakes located on diagonal corners
    Sizes: 200L: 100mm | 340L: 125mm | 455L: 125mm
  • Color: Natural

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Effortless Maneuverability: Spring-Loaded Tub Trolley with Convenient Handle for Smooth and Efficient Linen Transportation

Introducing the Spring Loaded Linen Trolley with Handle – the ultimate solution for seamless and efficient linen transportation. This linen trolley comes with a user-friendly handle for effortless and smooth maneuverability. These linen tub trolleys are carefully crafted to prioritize convenience, durability, and ergonomic handling, ensuring a smooth experience for your dedicated team members.


  • Revolutionary Backsaver Binsert Mechanism: Enhancing Ergonomics and Safety

Say goodbye to manual handling challenges with the revolutionary Rising Base Backsaver Binsert Mechanism in our Spring Loaded Laundry Trolley. This innovation design protects your staff’s well-being by reducing bending and minimizing strain on users. It raises the tub’s contents based on weight, creating a safer and more ergonomic working environment that promote comfort and proper lifting techniques.

  • Durable Design, Hygienic Material

Constructed from impact-resistant food-grade polyethylene, these linen tub trolleys meet stringent hygiene and industry standards. Their robust build doesn’t compromise on weight, ensuring easy handling even with heavier loads. Additionally, their one-piece single molded construction significantly enhances their strength and durability, making them well-equipped to handle the demands of even the busy laundry settings. Lightweight yet sturdy, these tubs are versatile across various industries.


  • Enhanced Stability with Braked Castors

Grey non-marking anti-skid castors enhance mobility and security during movement. Additionally, the linen trolley features two braked castors positioned on diagonal corners. This deliberate arrangement significantly bolsters stability, especially when the trolley is not in motion.


  • Tailored Spring Tensions for Varied Loads

Choose from different spring tensions to match your load capacities:

  • 200Ltr tub: 25KG rated spring tensions (green)
  • 340Ltr and 455Ltr tubs: 30kg to 45kg spring tensions (blue)
  • Optional 70kg (red) and 100kg (gold) rated springs are available for heavier loads (please contact us for details)


  • Enhanced Stability with Optional 6-Wheel Configuration

For superior stability and maneuverability, consider the optional C Rig. Featuring six wheels, it ensures exceptional transport stability (additional cost applies).



  • Choose Your Reliable Linen Transportation Solution

Available in 3 sizes – 200/340/455Ltr Laundry Trolley for a reliable, customizable solution that guarantees efficient and safe linen transportation. Experience the advantages of its innovative design, lightweight construction, and ergonomic features in your daily operations. Inquire about the optional 6-wheel configuration and higher-rated spring options to tailor the linen tub trolley to suit your specific needs. Contact us now to enhance your linen transportation efficiency and streamline your operations.



Available in 3 Sizes (with Handles)

200L, 340L, 455L

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