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Folding Platform Hand Cart with Brakes | 150KG | 740x468mm

$169.00 Inc.GST In Stock

$139.00 In Stock

PT150: Elevate Efficiency, Simplify Handling


Specifications & Dimensions
  • Maximum Load: 150Kgs
  • Dimension: L74 x W46.8 x H93CM
  • Unit Weight: 9Kgs
  • Assembly Required: YES
  • Product Code: PT150
Simplify Your Tasks with PT150: Reliable and Efficient Handling

Introducing the PT150 Single Deck Platform Hand Cart: Streamline Your Tasks with Reliability and Efficiency.
Experience effortless material handling with the PT150 Single Deck Platform Hand Truck. Its lightweight yet robust frame ensures exceptional mobility, making it the perfect choice for various tasks that require easy and efficient transport.


  • Convenient Design for Easy Handling

Designed for your convenience, this hand truck features a foldable handle, allowing for simple storage and transportation. The trolley platform boasts four built-in wheel docks, making it easy to stack multiple PT150 hand trucks efficiently.


  • Enhanced Safety and Grip

Prioritizing safety, the braked castors provide enhanced stability and control while loading and unloading. The textured platform surface offers excellent grip, preventing load slippage and reducing strain. You can trust this hand truck to securely transport your items.


  • Ideal for Delivery and Courier Drivers

Favored by delivery and courier drivers, the PT150’s quick folding handle enables it to fit into tight spaces, minimizing downtime during large-scale small deliveries. This feature maximizes convenience and efficiency in your operations.


Please note that the PT150 Single Deck Platform Hand Truck is not intended for use on stairs or over kerbs. For optimal performance, ensure usage in suitable environments.


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Simplify your tasks with the PT150 Single Deck Platform Hand Truck – your reliable and efficient companion for hassle-free material handling. Ready to elevate your operations? Get the PT150 today and transform your material handling experience. For any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to enhance your handling efficiency.



Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 77 × 50 × 16 cm
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