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Warehouse Order Picking Trolley | Stock Picking Trolley with Pushrail

$459.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Special Features
  • Streamlined Warehouse Pick Pack Trolley with Pushrail
  • 2-bin configuration for efficient organization
  • Bins not included, but compatible with bin sizes No.7, No.10 and No.15
  • Designed for easy maneuverability in narrow aisles
  • Equipped with high-quality 125mm grey non-marking swivel castors
  • Enhance efficiency and organization in your pick and pack operations with the Stock Picking Trolley with Pushrail


  • Dimensions: L910 x W460 x H1010mm


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What Happens Next:
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Your Consideration Means a Lot:

We're thrilled that you're considering our products. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to make your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.

Introducing the Warehouse Order Picking Trolley: Elevating Your Stock Picking Efficiency

Simplify your warehouse operations with our Warehouse Order Picking Trolley. This innovative solution is designed to streamline your pick and pack process, offering exceptional convenience, mobility, and adaptability to suit your material handling requirements.


  • Enhanced Organization: 2-Bin Configuration for Optimal Storage

Optimize storage with the 2-bin setup of our Warehouse Stock Picking Trolley. This thoughtfully designed feature empowers efficient material handling, ensuring swift access to items while reducing downtime and boosting productivity.


  • Effortless Mobility: Glide Through Your Warehouse with Ease

With its ergonomic design and quality construction, our Order Picker trolley with Pushrail facilitates smooth and effortless movement. Your team members can now glide through the warehouse with ease, minimizing strain and fatigue while maximizing efficiency.


  • Two Styles, One Purpose: Flexibility to Match Your Needs

Tailoring to diverse warehouse requirements, our order picking trolley is available in both Standard and Offset styles. This flexibility empowers you to choose the perfect style that aligns seamlessly with your operational needs.


  • Seamless Maneuverability: Quality Castors for Mark-Free Mobility

Equipped with quality 125mm grey non-marking swivel castors, our order picker trolley ensures seamless mobility without leaving any undesirable marks or traces behind. This marks a significant upgrade in maneuverability and usability.


  • Choose Efficiency: Elevate Your Stock Picking Operations

Opt for our Warehouse Order Picking Trolley with Pushrail to streamline your stock picking. Experience enhanced convenience, remarkable versatility, and heightened efficiency that elevates your overall warehouse operations.


Note: The trolley does not include bins, but it accommodates No.7, No.10, and No.15 bin sizes. Explore our range of bin to suit your specific needs.
The bins, made of food-grade material, are designed to withstand a wide temperature rage. However, it is important to exercise caution at lower temperatures to prevent potential cracking or damage due to impact. For more details, pricing, and availability, contact us. We’re here to assist you in finding the ideal bin solution for your order picker trolley.


Enhance your warehouse efficiency today with the Warehouse Order Picking Trolley with Pushrail. Contact Us more more information.


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