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Industrial Aluminium Platform Hand Truck with Pneumatic Wheels | AT99DP

$559.00 Inc.GST In Stock

$499.00 In Stock

Smooth Moves, Heavy Loads: Unleash the AT99DP’s Potential.


Dimensions and Specifications
  • Maximum Load: 480Kg
  • Safe Working Load: 400Kg
  • Deck Size: L91 x W61cm
  • Handle height from ground: 109cm
  • Platform height from ground: 33cm
  • Castor: 250×4 pneumatic wheels, 260mm Height
  • 2 Fixed, 2 Swivel with Brakes
  • Unit Weight: 26Kgs
  • Assembly Required: YES
Introducing the AT99DP: Your Ultimate Warehouse Platform Hand Truck with Pneumatic Wheels


  • Power and Precision: Handling Heavy-Duty Demands with AT99DP

Meet the AT99DP – a robust platform hand truck specifically engineered for heavy-duty material handling in the most demanding environments. Unveil the strength of this powerhouse designed to excel in various settings. With its exceptional features, the AT99DP promises unmatched performance and durability for your material transport needs.


  • Pneumatic Wheels: Smooth Maneuverability Across Any Terrain

Equipped with pneumatic (air-filled) wheels, the AT99DP sets the standard for shock absorption and versatile mobility. These wheels are primed for both indoor and outdoor use, providing reliable traction and seamless navigation across various surfaces. Whether indoors or outdoors, the AT99DP ensures your items are transported with precision and stability.


  • Built to Endure: Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Construction

Crafted to withstand the test of time, the AT99DP boasts a corrosion-resistant aluminum body that maintains a polished and professional appearance even under rigorous usage. The unitized box frame, meticulously constructed from high-strength welded aluminum channel, guarantees unwavering durability and robustness, enabling effortless transport of heavy loads.


  • Unlock the Potential: Exceptional Load-Bearing Strength

With a remarkable maximum load capacity of 480kg, the AT99DP confidently tackles any cargo. From warehouses to construction sites and beyond, this platform truck stands ready to handle your most demanding tasks with ease and efficiency.


  • Enhanced Safety: Precision Navigation with Brakes

Experience effortless navigation with the AT99DP’s well-balanced design. Its configuration includes two fixed castors and two swivel castors with brakes, ensuring stability and smooth movement throughout your transportation journey. The integrated brakes offer an extra layer of safety and control, allowing you to secure the truck and prevent any unintended movement.


  • Protection at Every Corner: Durable Rubber Guards

Safety is of the utmost importance, which is why durable rubber corner guards are strategically positioned on the AT99DP. These guards provide protection against accidents and potential injuries, reinforcing the platform truck’s commitment to both performance and users’ well-being.


  • Adaptability and Convenience: Removable Handle for Storage Efficiency

The AT99DP’s handle is a symbol of adaptability and convenience. Removable for storage optimization, the handle is securely attached to the platform deck with robust bolts. This feature adds flexibility to your workflow, accommodating various tasks and conserving storage space without compromising stability or safety.


  • Elevate Your Material Handling Experience: Upgrade to AT99DP

Elevate your material handling prowess with the AT99DP Warehouse Platform Hand Truck. Embrace a world of power, performance, and adaptability as you utilize this platform truck tailored for excellence.


Please note that the handle height from the ground is 109cm, and the platform height from the ground to the top is 33cm, differing from the standard AT99D trolley fitted with 125mm castors. Keep this in mind when evaluating dimensions and clearance requirements for your specific application.


Contact Us for Further Details

To discover more about the AT99DP Warehouse Trolley and its remarkable capabilities, reach out to us without hesitation. We’re here to provide you with the information you need for a well-informed decision. Upgrade your material handling potential with the AT99DP today.


Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 98 × 70 × 11 cm
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