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Galvanized 6-Wheel Stock Trolley | Warehouse Trolley

$569.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Dimensions and Specifications

Safe Load Capacity: 450KG
Platform Dimensions: 990 x 460mm
Platform Height: 260mm | Handle Height: 950mm
Finish: Galvanised | Weight: 30KG
Outer Wheels: 4 Swivels (125mm rebound rubber)
Centre Wheels: 2 Fixed (200mm rubber tyre nylon centred)

Introducing the Galvanized 6-Wheel Stock Trolley: Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient Stock Transportation


  • Versatile and Reliable

Designed to meet the demands of bustling stores, produce markets, liquor shops, factories, and warehouses, our Narrow 6 Wheel Platform Trolley with Single Handle is a versatile and dependable tool. Its innovative 6-wheel rocking design ensures superior maneuverability, making it ideal even for the tightest spaces.


  • Built to Last

Crafted from robust galvanized steel, this trolley is ready for heavy-duty use and can handle substantial loads. With 200mm rigid center castors and 125mm swivel outer castors, it guarantees smooth and precise movement. The larger center castors facilitate on-the-spot pivot turning, enhancing navigation and control in your facility.


  • Adaptable Load Capacity

With a safe load capacity of up to 450kg, this trolley accommodates various applications. Whether you’re transporting boxes, cartons, equipment, or inventory items, our Narrow 6 Wheel Stock Platform Trolley is up to the challenge.


  • Smart Design for Tight Spaces

Measuring 990mm x 460mm, the platform offers ample space while fitting seamlessly through narrow aisles and corners. Ergonomically designed with a platform height of 260mm and a handle height of 950mm, it ensures comfortable and efficient use by your team.


  • Smooth Movement, Lasting Durability

Carefully chosen wheels – 125mm rebound rubber outer wheels and 200mm rubber tyred nylon centered wheels – ensure smooth movement, shock absorption, and durability even on rough surfaces.


  • Prioritizing Safety

Stability and balance are paramount. Our trolley provides ample capacity for stock items while ensuring the safety of your team and inventory during transportation.


  • Enhance Your Operations

Streamline your stock transportation with our Galvanized 6 Wheel Stock Platform Trolley. Built for durability, efficiency, and maneuverability in demanding environments.


Code: AT1TG-1H



Trust Sydney Trolleys for quality and reliability that elevate productivity and operational efficiency.
Don’t hesitate to Contact us for more information on how this trolley can transform your stock transportation.



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