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Roll Cage Trolley | ATRC300

$699.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Special Features:
  • Nestable ‘Z’ frame
  • 4 access doors
  • Steel construction
  • 2 swivel wheels with brakes and 2 fixed casters
  • 125mm wheel size
  • Total Capacity: 400KG
  • Dimensions (L X W X H mm): 850 x 750 x 1852 mm
  • Material: ZINC Plated Steel
  • Wheels: 125mm Rubber Wheels

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The ATRC300 Roll Cage Trolley is a versatile and robust solution for various industries and applications. With its heavy-duty mesh on all sides, this trolley ensures secure containment of items during transportation. It is commonly utilized by shelf filling staff in warehouses, supermarkets, and department stores. Additionally, roll cage trolleys find a wider range of applications in commercial laundries and hardware department stores.


Featuring non-marking rubber wheels, including 2 swivel wheels with brakes and 2 fixed casters, this trolley provides smooth and effortless maneuverability without leaving marks on floors. The 125mm wheels enable easy navigation through different surfaces.


Designed to handle heavy loads, the ATRC300 has an impressive load rating of 400kg. Its twin double doors facilitate convenient access to the contents of the trolley. The folding middle and bottom shelves offer flexible storage options, accommodating various items and aiding in efficient stock management.


Constructed with a nestable ‘Z’ frame, this roll cage trolley provides space-saving benefits during storage and transportation. The inclusion of 4 access doors enhances accessibility and convenience. Made from durable steel, the trolley ensures long-lasting performance in demanding environments.


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