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Chair Trolley with Outrigger

$929.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Special Features
  • Stack up to 10 Chairs
  • 2x 200mm non-marking wheels & 2x 100mm swivel non-marking castors
  • Trolley easier to push
  • Felt Uprights to Protect your Chairs from Scratching
  • Designed to pick up chairs by locating the back legs of the chair
  • The Most Ergonomic and Effective Way to Move Stacked Chairs


Dimensions and Specifications
  • Dimensions: L1200 x W520 x H1560mm
  • Wheels: 2x 200mm Solid Rubber Wheels + 2x 100mm Grey Rubber Castors
  • Outrigger Size: L630 x W310mm
  • Weight: 15.2 KG
  • Finish: Powdercoated


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All of our furniture moving trolleys are designed to make your job quicker, safer and more cost-effective – tables and chairs become easier to move into place, quicker to set-up and a breeze to pull-down, pack and store.

This Chair trolley transport stacks of Chairs easily and safely around your venue, function rooms, school hall and community centre.

This trolley with stabalising outrigger is the most effective as it hooks under the seat while stacked.

Designed to keep chairs stable while they are been stacked.



  • This Chair Trolley is ideal for functions when you need to set up quickly.
  • Depending on what style of chairs you intend to carry, this trolley can take 5-10 chairs.
  • Fully welded construction to provide maximum strength and longevity.
  • Felt is attached to the upright bars to protect both the chairs and trolley from scratches.
  • 2 x Guide wheels for easier manoeuvrability when positioning goods.
  • The chair trolley with outrigger is the best for larger functions. The trolley is tilted and the hooks are placed under the chairs while stacked, pull back onto the outrigger on to the swivel castors and wheel away.




Wheels are important and can be one of the first part of a trolley to break. If you are investing in a trolley invest in good steel rimmed wheels not plastic wheels that will break under loads that the trolley frame may be able to handle.

  • 2 x 200mm non marking wheels with bearings to make the trolley easier to push.
  • 2 x 100mm swivel non marking castors.


Width Requirement for Chair Trolley

To ensure proper placement and safe transportation, the minimum width between the chair legs must be at least 320mm.




Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.




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