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800KG Heavy Duty Aluminium Platform Hand Truck 910x610mm | AT99D

$439.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Confidence in Every Load, Reliability You Can Trust


Dimension & Specifications
  • Maximum Load: 800Kgs
  • Dimensions: L91 x W61 x H99CM
  • Unit Weight: 25Kgs
  • Wheels: 125 x 50mm | 5″ UPB Wheels – 2 Rigid & 2 Braked Swivel
    UPB Wheel centre: Nylon
    Tread: Polyurethane with Double Precision bearing
  • Assembly Required: YES
AT99D Aluminium Heavy Duty Platform Hand Truck – Built to Last, Designed for Performance.

Introducing the AT99D, an Aluminum Heavy Duty Platform Hand Truck designed to withstand rigorous use while maintaining a clean and sleek appearance. Its corrosion-resistant aluminum construction ensures durability, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks.


  • Robust Construction for Heavy Loads

The AT99D features a unitized box frame constructed from high-strength welded aluminum channel. This thoughtful design provides exceptional durability and strength, enabling the hand truck to effortlessly handle substantial loads.


  • Adaptability for Demanding Environments

Perfectly suited for hot and wet applications, the AT99D thrives in environments like warehouses, stock rooms, dock areas, and laboratories. Its aluminum construction guarantees resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions.


  • Effortless Maneuverability and Safety with Brakes

The Aluminium Platform Hand truck is equipped with 2 swivel castors with brakes and 2 rigid castors, the AT99D offers outstanding maneuverability and stability during transportation. The brakes on the swivel castors further enhancing safety and control, providing stability even in challenging conditions.


  • Protection and Safety First

Corner guards made of durable rubber are securely fastened to protect both the hand truck and its surroundings. This proactive feature minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries, ensuring a secure material handling process.


  • Versatile Design for Various Applications

With its sturdy construction and adaptable design, the AT99D Aluminium Heavy Duty Platform Hand Truck offers a practical solution for transporting goods and materials across a range of industrial and commercial settings.


  • Two Sizes Available for Your Needs

Choose from two available sizes to meet your specific requirements: AT99D and AT99DL. The AT99DL offers a longer platform deck, providing added space and versatility for larger loads.



Contact Us for Further Information

For further information, please Contact us. Elevate your material handling experience with the AT99D Aluminium Platform Hand Truck – your partner in reliable performance and durability.


Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 100 × 68 × 10 cm

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