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300KG Platform Hand Truck with Twin Folding Handles | 1500x470mm | AT99CL

$399.00 Inc.GST In Stock

$379.00 In Stock

Reliable Performance, Simplify Your Material Handling!


Dimensions & Specifications
  • Maximum Load: 300Kgs.
  • Open Size: L150 x W47 x H94CM.
  • Folded Size: L150 x W47 x H27.5CM
  • Unit Weight: 19Kgs
  • Body: Aluminium Alloy, Iron.
  • Wheel: 5″ Rubber Wheel (TPR. Ball Bearing) – Four swivel and two rigid
  • Assembly Required: YES
Introducing the AT99CL Aluminum Platform Truck: Your Reliable Solution

Experience seamless material handling with the AT99CL Aluminum Platform Truck, a versatile and reliable companion designed to elevate your efficiency. Its lightweight aluminum deck ensures effortless maneuverability, accompanied by robust rust resistance and corrosion protection, transforming your handling tasks into smooth and agile movements.


  • Crafted for Durability: Exceptional Strength and Protection

Crafted from lightweight aluminum along with plastic corner guards, the AT99CL Platform Truck ensures effortless maneuverability while offering protection against rust and corrosion, resulting in long-lasting durability. These innovative plastic corner guards not only enhance its strength but also provide an additional layer of protection for both your valuable items and the surrounding environment.


  • Effortless Control and Efficient Storage

Experience smooth control with the AT99CL’s unique double folding handles, providing exceptional grip and agility. This intuitive design not only ensures optimal maneuverability but also maximizes space utilization when not in use, allowing you to transport items with precision. Equipped with six castors, including four swivel castors at both ends and two fixed at the center. This thoughtful castor configuration enables effortless movement in any direction.


  • Adaptable Performance for Numerous Applications

From bustling warehouses to streamlined transportation, the AT99CL Aluminum Platform Hand Truck seamlessly adapts to various scenarios. Its versatile design establishes it as a reliable companion for a wide range of applications, promising efficient task completion.


  • Built to Last: Reliability for Prolonged Usage

Engineered for resilience, the AT99CL Platform Truck showcases exceptional durability that endures over time. Its robust construction ensuring exceptional performance for extended periods.



Please be aware that the AT99CL is not suitable for use on stairs or over kerbs. It is designed to be used on flat surfaces. Ensure secure usage by using it in environments that align with its intended purpose.


Contact Us for More Information

Explore the possibilities and unlock newfound efficiency with the AT99CL Platform Truck. Contact us now to learn more and take the next step towards seamless material handling. Your satisfaction is our commitment.


Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 138 × 48 × 15 cm
Choose Baseplate

Standard Baseplate PT305, Wider and Solid Baseplate AE101, Bigger and Solid Baseplate AE105

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