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6 Wheel Aluminium Platform Trolley with Twin Folding Handles | 300KG | AT99CL

$399.00 Inc.GST In Stock

$379.00 In Stock

AT99CL: Navigate with Confidence and Control


Dimensions & Specifications
  • Maximum Load: 300Kgs
  • Open Size: L150 x W47 x H94CM
  • Folded Size: L150 x W47 x H27.5CM
  • Body: Aluminium Alloy, Iron
  • Wheel: 5″ Rubber Wheel (TPR. Ball Bearing) – four swivel and two rigid
  • Unit Weight: 19Kgs
  • Assembly Required: YES
AT99CL – 6 Wheel Collapsible Platform Trolley: Effortless Transport with Double Folding Handles

Introducing the AT99CL 6 Wheel Platform Trolley with Twin Folding Handles: Lightweight, Versatile, and Durable.


  • Experience Seamless Transportation with the AT99CL Collapsible Platform Trolley

Enhance your material handling efficiency with the AT99CL Platform Trolley, thoughtfully designed to meet your transportation needs with utmost convenience. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, this trolley ensures effortless maneuverability while providing superior resistance against rust and corrosion. Its robust aluminum construction, along with the inclusion of plastic corner guards, offers added strength and protection for your valuable items.


  • Twin Folding Handles for Effortless Control and Versatility

The twin handles provide exceptional control and maneuverability, allowing smooth movement through crowded spaces and narrow passages. The AT99CL is a sought-after choice in retail, warehousing, and stores, especially in restocking and storage operations. Whether it’s replenishing shelves, transferring goods from storage to shops, or managing inventory, this trolley guarantees reliability and convenience, optimizing your daily operations.


  • Space-Saving Design for Easy Storage

The AT99CL features a unique collapsible design that simplifies storage. The twin folding handles can be effortlessly fold down, allowing for easy storage. Whether you have limited storage areas or need to transport the trolley between locations, its compact form ensures effortless storage and portability.


  • Heavy-Duty Performance

With an impressive maximum load capacity of 300Kgs, the AT99CL – 6 Wheels Platform Trolley is well-suited for various tasks, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.



Please be aware that the AT99CL is not suitable for use on stairs or over kerbs. It is designed to be used on flat surfaces. Ensure secure usage by using it in environments that align with its intended purpose.


Discover Efficiency and Reliability

Explore the seamless convenience, versatile functionality, and enduring durability of the AT99CL – 6 Wheel Aluminium Platform Trolley with Twin Folding Handles. Simplify your transportation tasks and reap the benefits of an efficient and reliable solution that optimizes your workflow.
For any additional information or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to provide the details you need and assist you in making an informed decision.


Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 138 × 48 × 15 cm

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