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Foldable Hand Trolley | AT90S

$43.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Special Features
  • Unique Folding Design, Folds up Flat for storage
  • No Assembly Required – Ready to Use Right Out of the Box!
  • Available in 6 sizes: AT90L, AT90C, AT90M, AT92S, AT92 & AT92L, there is sure to be one to suit your needs.


  • Maximum Load: 68 Kgs
  • Open Size: L40 x W40 x H100CM
  • Folded Size: L6 x W39 x H63CM
  • Plate Size: L28 x W39CM
  • Body: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic: Nylon, PP
  • Plate: Casting Aluminum Alloy
  • Wheels: 5″ Rubber Wheel
  • Unit Weight: 3.5Kgs

The AT90S Aluminum Folding Hand Trolley has three vertical handle positions. You can adjust the handle with one hand to the heights that best suit your needs, a great feature to have for quick storage when you don’t have the extra hand.


The wheels and baseplate of the folding trolley are designed to fold flat, making it incredibly compact for storage purposes. When folded, the trolley measures 55mm in thickness, enabling you to store it in tight spaces such as small storage areas, car trunks, or overhead compartments. This space-saving design ensures that you can conveniently carry and store the trolley without it taking up excessive room.


This AT90S Folding Hand Trolley can be widely used for office, family, camping, traveling, shopping and more.


Note: While folding hand trolleys can be convenient for transporting items on flat surfaces, they are not recommended for use on stairs or over kerbs.

Please also note that the AT90S Folding Trolley does not come with a bungee cord due to safety reasons. However, the clever design of the trolley incorporates a crossbar in the frame, which provides a secure area for attaching and utilizing a bungee cord. This allows you to safely and effectively secure your loads for worry-free transportation. When using a bungee cord or any other securing mechanism, it is important to follow proper safety guidelines and ensure that the load is properly balanced and secured to prevent accidents or damage. Always exercise caution and use appropriate safety measures when utilizing additional accessories with the AT90S hand trolley.



Please don’t hesitate to Contact us for further information.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 42 × 9 cm

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