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Aluminium Stair Climber Hand Truck | Rotatruck Stair Climbing Trolley | AT84R

$659.00 Inc.GST In Stock

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Dimensions and Specifications
  • Maximum Load: 150Kgs
  • Body Size: L52 x W48 x H132CM
  • Base Plate: PT305 W45.5 x L18CM
  • Wheel: 6x125mm R2 Rotacaster wheels
  • Unit Weight: 15Kgs
  • Fully assembled – ready for immediate use

Important Note: Click-and-Collect Only
Contact us if you would like to fit with other baseplate

Introducing the Aluminium Stair Climbing Trolley: Effortless Mobility for Various Applications

Experience the innovation of the Aluminium Stair Climbing Trolley, designed to redefine simplicity and efficiency of material handling. This remarkable hand trolley, built from lightweight aluminum, is equipped with Rotacaster’s patented multi-directional stair climbing wheel kit. The Rotatruck wheel kit offering exceptional versatility for a wide range of tasks.


  • 360° Mobility for Diverse Applications

The Aluminium Stair Climbing Hand Truck is your all-in-one solution, suitable for freight and logistics, home use, office tasks, and warehousing needs. Its lightweight aluminum construction ensures durability without compromising maneuverability. The integrated Rotacaster / Rotatruck multi-directional wheel enables seamless 360° movement, making it perfect for navigating various environments.


  • Effortless Stair Climbing

With the Rotatruck stair climber kit, ascending stairs becomes remarkably easier. Compared to standard hand trucks, the stair climber kit reduces the required effort by around 30%, making stair navigation a breeze. This innovative feature enhances both convenience and efficiency in your material handling tasks.


  • Designed for Efficiency and Protection

The Rotatruck Stair Climbing wheel are intelligently engineered to clear stair nosings on all types of stairs. The multi-directional Rotacaster wheels allow direct sideway movement and maneuverability, ensuring precise control while navigating stairs. The inclusion of molded wheel guards provides additional protection to walls, floors, and doors, preventing potential damage during operation.


  • Conversion Kit for Enhanced Versatility

The Rotatruck Stair Climbing Kit empowers you to transform our hand trucks into effective stair climbers. The additional jockey wheels strategically positioned between the mounts contribute to load stabilization, enhancing safety and control during stair navigation.


  • Upgrade Your Material Handling Experience

Upgrade your material handling experience with the Aluminium Stair Climbing Trolley. Its lightweight yet sturdy design, coupled with the Rotacaster multi-directional wheel technology, offers exceptional mobility and versatility. Whether you’re dealing with everyday tasks or navigating challenging terrains, this hand trolley is your reliable companion.



Please note: Stair Climbers are not suitable for open backed stairs with a gap of 125mm or more.



Feel free to Contact us for further information or assistance with your purchase.


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