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Keg and Cellar Rotacaster Hand Truck | AT83R

$859.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Dimensions and Specifications
  • Maximum Load: 200Kgs
  • Front Wheel: 6x125mm R2 Rotacaster wheels
  • Rear Wheel: Your Choice to Suit Your Needs
  • Unit Weight: 16Kgs
  • Assembly Required: YES

The Keg Rotatruck is ideal for easy and secure handling of kegs and other items like LPG gas cylinders ect.

The self-supporting Rotacaster wheel base increases safety, efficiency and productivity when handling various kinds of materials. The load is fully supported which leaves hands free, reduces the pull back effort required by the user and increases ease of handling and transportation speed.

The Rotacaster wheel base is the ideal application for confined, narrow spaces like cellars and cool rooms. The Rotacaster multi-directional wheels enable the Rotatruck do go directly sideways without turning and swiveling and provide 360 degree mobility nearly on the spot.

This is the best suited to firm flat surfaces like factory floors or cellars.

  • The curved frame secures the load and prevents that curved items roll over the side but also carries various other types of load
  • The keg hook additionally secures and fixes the load when moving


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