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200kg Heavy Duty Milk Crate Trolley | Tilt Trolley | AT78

Upgrade Your Material Handling Experience with the AT78 Hand Truck


Dimensions and Specifications
  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Height: 1310mm
  • Handle: Pram
  • Back: Ribbed Flat
  • Shoe/Toeplate: Closed 510 x 225mm deep


Please Note: The AT78 Heavy Duty Hand Truck is currently available for click and collect only. If you require delivery, kindly inquire with us before proceeding. Thank you for your understanding.


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Meet the AT78 Heavy Duty Milk Crate Trolley: Your Ultimate Solution for Transporting Milk Crates, Cartons, and Boxes.


  • Effortless Transport for Heavy Loads

Introducing the AT78 Heavy Duty Milk Crate Trolley, meticulously designed to handle the transportation of milk crates, cartons, and boxes with utmost ease. Engineered to make lifting and moving tasks a breeze, this reliable hand trolley boasts an impressive 200kg capacity. Whether you’re dealing with multiple milk crates, cartons, or boxes, the AT78 ensures efficient and effortless transportation. Its robust construction, reinforced toeplate, and frame guarantee the strength and durability needed for demanding tasks.


  • Built to Last

The AT78 Heavy Duty Milk Crate Hand Truck is built for resilience and reliability. Enhanced with gussets at critical stress points, its structural integrity and longevity are second to none. Navigating tight spaces or uneven terrains is a breeze thanks to the raised axle design, which tips the load back into the wheeling position for optimal maneuverability. The closed toeplate design provides a secure platform for placing milk crates, cartons, and boxes during transit, ensuring items remain secure throughout the journey.


  • Tailored for Various Environments

Equipped with premium pneumatic wheels W002 (air-filled), the AT78 Milk Crate Trolley performs exceptional well on uneven roads and surfaces. These wheels effectively absorbing shocks, making them perfect for navigating rough terrains. Alternatively, for refrigerated trucks or cool rooms, consider the puncture-proof solid rubber wheels (W60). These solid wheels are better suited for low-temperature settings, offering durability and consistent performance.


This wheels (W002) provides superior shock absorption, making it perfect for maneuvering on rough or uneven surfaces. Effectively reduce the strain on both the trolley and the user to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.


However, it is important to note that pneumatic wheels may not be suitable for specific storage conditions, such as freezer rooms or refrigerated trucks. Extreme cold temperatures can cause the air inside the wheels to contract, potentially leading to reduced tyre pressure or even flat tyres. To ensure optimal performance and avoid any inconvenience, we suggest considering alternative wheel options, puncture proof wheels, which are better suited for colder environments.

This wheel (W60) is puncture proof, offers excellent durability and stability. A perfect choice for heavy duty usage, hassle free with no punctures or flat tyres. Please be aware that they are a bit more bumpy in use due to its solid rubber construction.


Please note that the solid wheels on our trolleys may feature different tread patterns from time to time.
Puncture Proof Solid Rubber Wheel - W60


  • Durable Construction for Longevity

Constructed from fully welded mild steel, the AT78 Tilt Trolley exudes strength and stability. Its powder-coated finish acts as a shield against corrosion and wear, ensuring a prolonged lifespan. With its exceptional features and robust design, the AT78 Heavy Duty Hand Truck is the ultimate choice for efficiently transporting milk crates, cartons, and boxes. Streamline your tasks, save time, and prioritize cargo safety with the AT78 Tilt Trolley by your side.


  • Reach Out for More Information

If you require further information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to Contact us. We’re here to help you make informed decisions and provide the solutions you need.

Experience efficient and reliable transport with the AT78 Heavy Duty Milk Crate Trolley.



Choose Wheels

Premium Pneumatic (Air-filled) Wheels W002, Puncture Proof Solid Rubber Wheels W60

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