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Aluminium Hand Truck with Rotatruck Kit | Self-Supporting Trolley | AT84DR

The Perfect Companion for Smooth and Efficient Material Handling!


Please select the preferred baseplate and wheels option from the drop-down menu to customise your trolley according to your specific requirements.
For more information and additional details about these options, kindly refer to the product description section below.


Note: We highly recommend Premium Pneumatic Wheel W002 or Puncture Proof Foam-Filled Wheel W008 for this trolley, these wheels provide increased durability and performance, ensuring smooth operation even in challenging environments. Please refer to the below section of this page for details.


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Seamless Maneuverability, Ultimate Productivity: AT84DR Aluminium Hand Truck with Rotatruck Conversion Kit

Introducing the AT84DR Aluminum Hand Truck with Rotatruck Conversion Kit: Enhance Your Handling Efficiency and Safety!


  • Revolutionary Design for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

Experience a game-changing solution with the AT84DR Aluminum Hand Truck, equipped with the innovative Rotatruck Conversion Kit. This design redefines the way you handle loads, combining the exceptional maneuverability of a 2-wheel trolley with a convertible trolley. Get ready for an upgraded level of ease, speed, and safety that goes beyond traditional choices.


  • Seamless 360° Maneuverability for Enhanced Productivity

The AT84DR features a self-supporting, ergonomic design that enhances user productivity and safety. Our carefully designed hand truck helps reduce the physical strain needed for manual lifting and bending, allowing you to work with greater comfort and efficiency. But that’s not all. Get ready to be impressed by the AT84DR’s multi-directional rotatruck design, thanks to the 125mm R2 Rotacaster front wheels. These wheels provide easy 360° maneuverability. Ensuring you effortlessly navigate through even the tightest or most challenging spaces. You’ll confidently and precisely steer through tight spots with ease.


  • Crafted for Durability in Any Environment

Built to withstand a wide range of environments, the AT84DR features corrosion-resistant materials that ensure long-lasting performance. The strong and durable anodized lightweight aluminum frame guarantees both reliability and portability, making it an ideal choice for various tasks.


  • Effortless Load Handling with Smart Design

Lifting and balancing loads is incredibly easy with the AT84DR. It’s been proven to reduce physical effort by up to 78%, making handling tasks much simpler than using a regular upright 2-wheel trolley. Enjoy a comfortable grip with the vertical P loop aluminum handle, ensuring smooth movement and control. Enhancing convenience further, the self-retracting kickstand allows for easy stop-and-start, while straight frame rails provide sturdy support for large and square loads.


  • Tailored Options for Your Unique Needs

Customize your trolley like never before! Choose from a range of baseplates and wheels to tailor the AT84DR to your specific tasks. Securely transport sacks, boxes, crates, and stackable goods with precision and confidence, knowing you have a trolley that’s perfectly suited to your requirements.


Baseplate Options:

The closed baseplate that offer additional support and stability. It prevents small items from falling through the frame, ensuring secure transportation.
AE101 Baseplate Dimensions: W45.5 x L23CM
Overall Size: L49.5 x W53 x H132cm

AT84DR Aluminium Rotatruck Trolley with Closed baseplate AE101 AT84DR Aluminium Rotatruck Trolley with Closed baseplate AE101

This option offers a larger and solid baseplate for increased stability and support, particularly for larger items. The closed design prevents small items from falling through the frame, ensuring secure transportation.
AE105 Baseplate Dimensions: W40.6 X L30CM
Overall Size: L57 x W53 x H132cm

Aluminium Hand Trolley with Rotatruck Conversion Kit | Self-Supporting Trolley | AT84DR fitted with Larger Baseplate AE105 Aluminium Hand Trolley with Rotatruck Conversion Kit | Self-Supporting Trolley | AT84DR fitted with Larger Baseplate AE105 Aluminium Hand Trolley with Rotatruck Conversion Kit | Self-Supporting Trolley | AT84DR fitted with Larger Baseplate AE105


Wheels Options:

This wheels (W002) provides excellent shock absorption capabilities, making it ideal for maneuvering on rough or uneven surfaces. Effectively reduce the strain on both the trolley and the user to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.

This wheel (W60) is puncture proof, offers excellent durability and stability. A perfect choice for heavy duty usage, hassle free with no punctures or flat tyres. These wheels are an ideal choice for freezer trucks. Their puncture-proof nature ensures reliability and making them suitable for temperature changes.

Please note they are a bit more bumpy in use due to its solid rubber construction. It's recommended to avoid navigating stairs, steps or kerbs with these wheels, as the solid rubber composition can result in a rough and rigid experience.

Please note that the solid wheels on our trolleys may feature different tread patterns from time to time.

Puncture Proof Solid Rubber Wheel - W60

This wheel (W008) combines the convenience of puncture proof with excellent shock absorption capabilities, making it ideal and smooth to use on rough surfaces, even when carrying heavy loads. These wheels are the best choice for freezer trucks. Their puncture-proof properties make them resilient to sharp objects and well-suited to temperature changes, maintaining their integrity and performance even in cold conditions.

With their durability and reliability, you can trust these wheels to provide smooth operation and ensure the safe transport of goods in freezer trucks or vans. Upgrade to puncture-proof solid rubber or foam-filled wheels for peace of mind and enhanced performance in your freezer transportation needs.


Important: Please take note that when leaving heavy items on the hand truck for an extended period of time may create a temporary flat spot on the wheel. However, rest assured that the memory foam will quickly recover to its original shape in short time, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Additional Instructions for Using Your Trolley with Rotatruck Kit:
  • Load and Unload in the Upright Position: When using your trolley with the Rotatruck Kit, always load and unload items when the trolley is in the upright position (with only two wheels on the ground). This ensures stability and safety during these operations.
  • Engaging the Kickstand: Don’t forget to engage the Kickstand when loading and unloading. The kickstand keeps the trolley securely in an upright position, preventing accidental tilting.
  • Load Evenly and Avoid Overloading: To maintain balance and stability, distribute the load evenly on the trolley platform. Avoid overloading the trolley to prevent accidents and ensure smooth operation.
  • Use with Caution: While the Rotatruck Kit enhances maneuverability, always use your trolley with caution. Be aware of your surroundings, and ensure that you have control over the trolley’s movements at all times.


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Upgrade your material handling capabilities with the AT84DR Aluminum Hand Truck and its innovative Rotatruck Conversion Kit. Experience a new level of efficiency, comfort and safety,  choose the AT84DR for an exceptional handling solution. Contact us today!


Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 110 × 40 × 28 cm
Choose Baseplate

Standard Baseplate PT305, Closed Baseplate AE101, Larger Baseplate AE105

Choose Wheels

Standard Pneumatic Wheels W036, Premium Pneumatic Wheels W002, Puncture Proof Solid Rubber Wheels W60, Puncture Proof Foam Filled Wheels W008

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