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Aluminium Hand Trolley with Long 62″ Handle | AT82

From Office to Warehouse, Our Hand Trolley Simplifies Your Tasks


Dimensions and Specifications
  • Maximum Load: 150Kgs
  • Body Size: L57 x W50 x H160CM
  • Base Plate: AE105 W40.6CM X L30CM
  • Wheel: Your Choice to Suit Your Needs
  • Unit Weight: 15.5Kgs
  • Assembly Required: YES


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Introducing the AT82 Aluminium Hand Trolley: Versatile Efficiency for Smooth Material Handling


Lightweight Aluminum Build: Perfect Balance of Strength and Maneuverability

Discover the ultimate solution for your material handling tasks with the AT82 Aluminium Hand Trolley. Made from lightweight aluminum, this trolley offers an ideal combination of strength and ease of use. Its straight frame is built to absorb shocks and ensure lasting durability, making it a reliable choice for a range of different applications.


Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Operation: Ease and Convenience

Experience the AT82’s standout feature – the elevated handle. This ergonomic design ensures comfort during use, reducing strain on your back and shoulders. As one of the industry’s lightest hand trucks, it allows for effortless lifting in and out of vehicles, catering to office, delivery, and warehouse needs.


Versatile Handling: Efficiency Across Applications

Whether you’re moving packages, supplies, or equipment, the AT82 is your versatile companion. Its compact size and lightweight construction ensure effortless maneuverability, making it perfect for various material handling tasks. Designed for longevity, this trolley is a reliable asset in your daily operations.


Customizable Wheel Options: Tailor to Your Needs

What sets the AT82 apart is its customization flexibility. Choose from various wheel types to match your exact requirements. Opt for pneumatic wheels for uneven surfaces or solid rubber wheels for enhanced durability – the choice is yours.


Wheels Options:

W002 wheels are designed to provide outstanding shock absorption capabilities, making them the perfect choice for navigating rough or uneven surfaces. These wheels effectively reduce strain on both the trolley and the user, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience.

However, it is important to note that pneumatic wheels may not be suitable for specific storage conditions, such as freezer rooms or refrigerated trucks. Extreme cold temperatures can cause the air inside the wheels to contract, potentially leading to reduced tyre pressure or even flat tyres. For optimal performance and to avoid any inconvenience, we suggest considering alternative wheel options, puncture proof wheels, which are better suited for colder environments.

W60 wheels are your puncture-proof solution, providing outstanding durability and stability. These wheels are the perfect fit for heavy-duty usage, ensuring a hassle-free experience with no punctures or flat tyres.

Keep in mind that they are a bit more bumpy in use due to its solid rubber construction.
Additionally, please note that the solid wheels on our trolleys may feature different tread patterns from time to time.

Rest assured as you roll confidently with the reliability of W60 wheels.

Puncture Proof Solid Rubber Wheel - W60

This wheel (W008) combines the convenience of puncture proof with excellent shock absorption capabilities, making it ideal and smooth to use on rough surfaces, even when carrying heavy loads.
Important: Please take note that when using the trolley in the flatbed position, the maximum load capacity is limited to 200kg with this wheel. Additionally, leaving heavy items on the trolley for an extended period of time may create a temporary flat spot on the wheel. However, rest assured that the memory foam will quickly rebound to its original shape in a short time, ensuring consistent and long-lasting performance.


Enhanced Loading Area: Accommodate Bulkier Items

Adapt the AT82 to your needs by selecting a different baseplate. This provides more loading space for larger or bulkier items, making your material handling tasks more efficient and convenient.


Contact Us for More Information

For a trolley that matches your needs precisely, look no further than the AT82. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and customize your trolley for optimized material handling. At Sydney Trolleys, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for your handling needs. Reach out to us for more details and information on the AT82 Aluminium Hand Truck. Experience efficiency redefined in your material handling processes.


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Standard Pneumatic Wheels W036, Premium Pneumatic Wheels W002, Puncture Proof Solid Rubber Wheels, Puncture Proof Foam Filled Wheels W008

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