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Wagen King FoldaLift Trolley

$1900.00 Inc.GST In Stock

Special Features
  • The lift off deck is a generously sized 500mm x 500mm, with a rear section 1250mm high which also incorporates two clip points for use with a restraining strap.
  • Deck low height is 165mm.
  • Maximum lift height is 1050mm.
  • Maximum allowable load is 130 Kgs
  • The trolley frame is zinc plated silver colour for long life
  • No paint chipping and its washable (not the winch)

The rear wheels are 250mm diameter, with 50mm wide rubber treads, which roll easily over gravel or grating. Double ball bearings are fitted into each wheel for ease of rolling.
The front castors have 80mm diameter grey rubber treads. Both have directional locks and brakes also, which are great for stabilizing the trolley, when transferring product to and from the deck.

FoldaLift saves backs. It rotates on its own axis. Has castors with brakes. It allows horizontal transport. It lifts and lowers. What more can you ask of a trolley? If you have any ideas on customizing for your own particular use, or how to make it even better, please let us know.

The FoldaLift Trolley has been specially engineered to solve two specific problems
  • The first is to raise or lower  a product easily, so that it may be placed on to a bench, rack, shelf or vehicle, in order to prevent personal lifting related injuries.
  • The second is to make it fold up, so that is takes up little room in a vehicle, should you wish to take a delivery / lifting trolley with you. FoldaLift achieves these ends.

The word FoldaLift refers to the fact that the legs can fold up, thereby taking up less space in a vehicle.

The trolley depth when folded is only 450mm. Height is 1405mm. Width is 620mm. Unit weight is 28 Kgs. The lift off (and separately stowable) deck weighs 5 Kgs.

FoldaLift is very easy to manoeuvre, as the front castors enable it to rotate on its own axis, so getting through doorways and around tight corners is never an issue.

Want to go through a self- closing door? Simply reach out and open, then push the trolley through whilst you hold the door.
You can’t do that easily with a tilt back type trolley – it’s simply too long!

There is no need to pull back on the handle to the two wheeled angled position, unless you want to go up or down a kerb using the two rear wheels only.

At other times, the load is always horizontal and you can get close to the desk or bench when loading or unloading, unlike tilting trolleys where near enough is good enough.
At 165mm low height, the deck is close to a standard pallet height which makes transferring goods to and from pallets easy too.

It can be used to transfer goods on and off sideways also, so in the case of servers, the unit can be pushed off into the rack from the side, allowing access to all three sides of the deck


Lifting mechanism

The wire rope hand ‘brake’ winch allows the deck to remain stationary with a load, at any height. To lower, simply rotate the winch handle anti-clockwise. The wire rope passes around a sheave on the carriage, which changes the lift weight ratio to a 2:1 ratio lift, which in effect means that the effort to lift the load is half that of a direct lift winch. We did this, because direct lift is fine for light loads but brute force is needed for heavier loads, and some people are just not built for it.

The hand winch is also silent, so for use in an office or quiet room, there is nothing better. The winch is also specially treated to be rust and scratch resistant, then it is powder coated for maximum protection.


Other uses for the foldalift

Some clients also like to load their goods and to store them on skid pallets. If you make up a skid with two bearers and a ply or chipboard top, with 550mm between the bearers and 180mm ground clearance then the FoldaLift can place the skid onto shelving for you (provided you have space for the front wheels under the shelf or rack), so you just pull the product/s down on the pallet rather than pushing single items onto the shelf manually. P.S. We can make up skids to suit – if you wish.

Delivery drivers find the FoldaLift handy to take with them, as it folds up into the smallest space whilst still being stable in the upright position.
Remove the deck. Wind the carriage right up. Turn the winch handle around and replace the wing nut.

Pull the trolley backwards from the top, until the winch handle is resting on the ground. Pull out the two lynch pins at the rear of the base. Tilt the base towards the rear. Place the lynch pins in the front holes. Return the lifter to the upright position.

Slip the deck in the gap between the deck and the carriage, with the deck upright section sticking out towards the rear (you need to angle it to get the strap holders through first.

It is now folded up.

During delivery, if the load is required to be placed on to a bench, the driver simply winds up the winch to the desired level and transfers off. No lifting is involved.

Great for lifting coffee machines; slushies; copiers; point of sale materials; copy paper; computers; printers; medical equipment; dies; valves; motors / gearboxes, gas cylinders and much, much more.


Please don’t hesitate to Contact us for further information.


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