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Heavy Duty Tilt Back Trolley | Drink Carton Trolley | 200KG | AT78

Upgrade Your Material Handling Experience with the AT78 Hand Truck


Dimension & Specifications
  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Wheels: Your Choice to Suit Your Needs
  • Height: 1310mm
  • Handle: Pram | Back: Ribbed Flat
  • Toeplate: Closed 510 x 225mm deep

Please Note: The AT78 Heavy Duty Hand Truck is currently available for click and collect only. If you require delivery, kindly inquire with us before proceeding. Thank you for your understanding.

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Introducing the AT78 Heavy Duty Drink Carton Trolley: Your Reliable Solution for Efficient Transport

Engineered with precision, the AT78 Heavy Duty Drink Carton Trolley is specifically crafted to cater to your transportation needs, specifically tailored for milk crates, cartons, and boxes. This versatile and robust hand truck is designed to transform lifting and moving tasks into a seamless experience. With an impressive capacity of 200kg, the AT78 empowers you to efficiently transport multiple items at once, offering both convenience and efficiency. Its heavy-duty construction, reinforced toeplate and strengthened frame ensure exceptional strength for even the most demanding tasks. The closed toeplate provides a secure and stable platform, preventing the risk of small items slipping through during transit.


  • Tilt Back Design for Effortless Maneuvering

The AT78 Heavy Duty Hand Truck features a raised axle design that offers greater control and efficiency. This innovative tilt back design allows you to effortlessly tilt the loaded hand truck back into the wheeling position. Navigating through tight spaces, corners, and uneven surfaces becomes a breeze as this design reducing strain to reposition the hand truck when dealing with heavier loads, enhancing overall maneuverability to ensure a seamless and smoother transport process. Whether you’re rolling through a busy warehouse or making your way through an outdoor environment, the tilt trolley design adds a new dimension of convenience and practicality to your material handling tasks.


  • Choose Your Wheels for Optimal Performance

When it comes to selecting the ideal wheels for your AT78 Heavy Duty Hand Truck, we understand that different environments have specific demands. That’s why we offer two wheel choices, each designed to perform exceptionally well in specific conditions.


This wheels (W002) provides superior shock absorption, making it perfect for maneuvering on rough or uneven surfaces. Effectively reduce the strain on both the trolley and the user to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.

This wheel (W60) is puncture proof, offers excellent durability and stability. A perfect choice for heavy duty usage, hassle free with no punctures or flat tyres. Please be aware that they are a bit more bumpy in use due to its solid rubber construction. It's recommended to avoid navigating stairs, steps or kerbs with these wheels, as the solid rubber composition can result in a rough and rigid experience.


Please note that the solid wheels on our trolleys may feature different tread patterns from time to time.
Puncture Proof Solid Rubber Wheel - W60


Choose between the W002 and W60 wheel options to optimize the performance of your AT78 Heavy Duty Carton Trolley based on your unique requirements.


  • Exceptional Strength in Every Detail

Crafted from fully welded mild steel, the AT78 offers exceptional strength and stability. Its powder-coated finish provides a protection against corrosion and wear, ensuring a prolonged lifespan and consistent performance. With its exceptional features and robust design, the AT78 Heavy Duty Hand Truck is the perfect choice for seamless transportation of milk crates, cartons, and boxes. Elevate your efficiency, save valuable time, and ensure the security of your cargo with the AT78 by your side.



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Enhance Your Material Handling Experience with the AT78 Beverage Carton Hand Truck. Contact us Today.



Choose Wheels

Premium Pneumatic (Air-filled) wheels W002, Puncture Proof Solid Rubber Wheels W60

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