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2 Tier Trolley | Multi Purpsose Steel Trolley

  • Powdercoated steel construction for durability and longevity
  • Australian made units ensuring quality craftsmanship
  • 150KG capacity
  • 2-tier design for efficient storage and organization
  • Distance between shelves approximately 600mm
  • Trays can be flush (flat) or turned up to create a lip around the tray
  • Equipped with quality 125mm precision bearing braked castors for smooth mobility
  • Optional pneumatic castors available for navigate over rough surfaces
Introducing Our Powdercoated Steel 2 Tier Trolley

Discover the durability and functionality with our Powdercoated Steel 2 Tier Trolley, expertly crafted for industrial-grade performance.

  • Australian-Made Quality Construction
    Crafted with precision and care in Australia, our Powdercoated Steel 2 Tier Trolley guarantee top-notch craftsmanship and superior durability.


  • Robust Powdercoated Steel Construction
    Constructed from robust powdercoated steel, this order picking trolley ensures longevity and resilience, making them ideal for demanding industrial and commercial environments.


  • Spacious 2-Tier Design
    Featuring a practical 2-tier design, this warehouse trolley offer ample storage space while maintaining an optimal distance between shelves of approximately 600mm.


  • Versatile Tray Configuration
    The trays can be easily adjusted to be flush (flat) or turned up to create a lip around the tray, providing versatility to suit various storage needs.


  • Smooth Mobility with Braked Castors
    Equipped with high-quality 125mm precision bearing braked castors, these trolleys ensure smooth mobility and effortless maneuverability.


  • Optional Pneumatic Castors for Smooth Movement
    Experience smoother movement over rough surfaces with optional pneumatic castors, providing added versatility in challenging environments.


  • Elevate Your Material Handling Efficiency
    Designed to optimize material handling efficiency, our Powdercoated Steel Trolley is versatile and reliable, suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial settings.


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Ready to optimize your linen handling capabilities? Contact us to explore the additional features. Our dedicated team is here to help you select the ideal utility trolley, tailored to your unique needs. Experience a new level of efficiency and ease in your linen handling operations. At Sydney Trolleys, we’re dedicated to transforming your linen handling process. Experience the power of our 2 Tier Trolley today.


900X600mm, 1100X600mm

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